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We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every three week, and monthly service plans.
Plans include but are not limited to-
-25% water change (more if necessary) determined at time of service by tech.
-Synthetic sea salt mix
-Vacuum of substrate to remove detritus, debris, and waste.
-All decor is removed and cleaned free of algae. 
-Filter and filter pads are removed and cleaned and/or replaced.
-Protein skimmer cup clean out.
-Interior and exterior surfaces are wiped free of algae, water spots, and salt creep.
-Fish are visually inspected (body weight, bullying, illness/disease, overall health).
-All equipment is inspected to ensure proper functionality.
We also offer acrylic inside/outside scratch removal and polishing services.
We provide a wide variety of foods from flake to frozen, salt/freshwater fish, invertebrates, and everything in between.
*There are many variables that can impact the cost of our services, We recommend meeting with one of our service professionals to find out what your goals and expectations are. You can also email us photos of the aquarium including filtration along with answering a few quick questions to get an estimate*.
Freshwater Aquariums
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Saltwater Aquariums
Koi Ponds

We believe regular maintenance is crucial to keeping a healthy and happy aquarium or pond.

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